3 Fridays until Christmas … what?!  When did that happen?  It never ceases to amaze me how Christmas sneaks up on us, it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming did we.  I mean, we’ve had 12 months to plan for this, since the last time it snuck up on us.  How is it, that we get to December every year and get such a shock when the kids ask about the advent calendar on the 1st?

And the other thing that always astounds us is, why the big rush to catch up with people that you may not have seen all year (those neglected friends) or with people that you see every day (those work colleagues) … and all just because we won’t see them for a couple of weeks?

Every year, part of our New Years resolutions is to plan ahead on the gift giving so that this year we will finally be organised … yeah right, hasn’t happened.  Are you like us and you’ve left the hardest to buy for until last?  Now is the time when we start looking for new and imaginative gift vouchers for the parents and the brothers and brothers-in-law … which reminded us that we haven’t reminded our lovely guests that taste.walk.talk also provides gift vouchers, when can be e-delivered to their inbox on Christmas Day, just like you didn’t actually order it at 10pm on Christmas Eve …

Just pop on over to the bookings page for that last minute (or very well planned) gift voucher for the foodie in your life!  And enjoy the last few weeks in the lead up to Christmas 🎄  From Brock and Fi